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The Disruptive Rhetorics of Roadside Shrines: What These Works Can Teach Us about Decolonizing Composition

This conference talk was presented at CCCC 2018.

In this presentation, I want to share with you something of a project I’ve recently started, leaving things open for comments and suggestions about this work, as well as for questions and comments regarding larger socio-rhetorical connections that …

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Rhetorics of Insecurity: Foregrounding (Un)Documented Status as Axis of Identity

This conference talk was presented at MLA 2018 in New York, NY.

In a recent essay published on Medium, Postdoctoral Fellow at Columbia’s Institute for Urban and Minority Education (IUME) and Long Island University professor Jamila Lyiscott asks us to consider how our classroom pedagogies align w…

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Why Intersectionality Matters

Yes, this rant will be snarky and will probably involve profanity.

So there’s a Tweet going around Facebook that reminds us how intersectionality works.

It reads, “Kimberlé Crenshaw, mother of the term Intersectionality, has said multiple times that it’s a systemic analysis tool. Not a m…

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Teaching Spaces: From Awareness to Action

This presentation is the basis for "What Does It Mean to Move?: Race, Disability, and Critical Embodiment Pedagogy," published in Composition Forum 39 (2018).

For the last 2,000 years, traditional Eurowestern rhetorics have taken their most basic triadic purpose to be to teach, to delight, and t…

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